Dog costumes for Halloween

Regardless if you want to dress your dog up as a Hot Dog, Minion, pumpkin or cat for Halloween there’s no doubt about how fab dogs look in costumes. We just love browsing the web for cute and funny dogs that totally nailed their Halloween costumes. This year we found some examples of totally flawless costumes, have a look yourself:

It is truly crucial to capture these moments in pictures. And to really make the most out of the memorable Halloween moments: order a B&G poster to capture it in the best way possible! The picture of your dog in Hot Hog, astronaut or Pumpkin costume in combination with the best quote from the evening make it even more cute and spectacular!

Here's Oliver the bulldog who just loved pumpkins so much he wanted to dress up as one for Halloween. And his mom made this wonderful poster of him in his costume! 

And Molly the Golden Retriever also got a poster of her own dressed as a pumpkin! It is too cute!

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